About Us

The Touch Around was born along with the popularization of the new form of interaction between man and computer, the multi-touch. The technology consists of a touch screen that recognizes multiple simultaneous contacts, allowing a manipulation of the natural system through the users hands. Despite being a technology with many years of development, its popularity was with the debut of the iPhone, Apple’s mobile platform. With the success of this product did not take long to emerge as the new platforms WebOS Palm and Google Android. Besides these mobile platforms, PCs, Notebooks and Tablet PCs are betting this new type interaction with the user.

With the collaboration of professionals in marketing and design, we develop applications for direct sales on Apple App Store and Android Market. The Touch Around is also prepared to meet the advertising market for the development of custom applications.

Our first application, Daily Horoscope, is an App Store’s success in Brazil and Portugal and ranks as the number one best selling applications in the News category. We have other applications coming soon for iPhone and other platforms. Stay tuned!