Number 1 in News category

Unsurprisingly the Brazilian people are very superstitious. Each of us surely knows someone who does not leave home without knowing their fate and we also know many others that do not care. So ends up being a big surprise that in the App Store’s from Brazil and Portugal the number one best selling applications in the News category is our Daily Horoscope.

We are very happy with the news because this is our first application, even more because already exist more app like for some time in the market, including free versions. So we’re very proud of our product and the next apps that are about to be launched will follow the same quality.

The application is just $ 0.99 and with it you can see the daily horoscope, the compatibility between signs and still see the complete profile of each sign.

We will provide the application into other languages soon. Check out and give us your opinion to improve even more.